Cheshire Cat recce - part 2

Been out today checking out the climbs on this Sunday's Cheshire Cat.  See several postings below for the details of Mow Cop (certainly the hardest of the Cat hills) and here I'll put up details of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th hills.

After climbing (walking?) Mow Cop the Cheshire Cat heads over towards Congleton, avoids the town centre and starts up Congleton Hill - at 5.5km and with 224m gained.  Most of the climbing comes in two separate 12% sections with a 6% in between and then a long 6% drag up to the top.  Strava section is
Congleton Hill
Great views of Staffordshire Moorland from the top and a smooth descent with a few lumps and bumps as the route heads over towards Meerbrook.

On the way is a short, stiff climb - Meerbrook Rd - which you might think is the start of the next big one - but it isn't.

Over this and down to Meerbrook and sharp left starts you properly on the 2nd climb - Gun Hill - only you won't notice as it gradually increases from 4% to 6% to 8% and then bang, suddenly you're doing 16% - where did that come from?  2.3km  and 150m gained - mostly at 12% after that 16% and smooths out towards the top.

Gun Hill 
After Gun Hill its easy to think its all done.  You start descending through picturesque glades and then get hit by a very abrupt up turn - I thought it was someones driveway rather than the road - and on the Cat I predict there will be people caught out in the wrong gear on this one.

Round this corner I swear its 20% (tree cover means the Garmin struggled)
On Strava this hill is know as "Wincle Hill with Hairpin" but on the road the latter part is Barlow Hill - a total of 3.8km and 173m gained.  After the panic attack hairpin/20% you continue climbing at 12%, then drop a bit - and think its all done - but really you aren't even halfway and soon you are climbing again with lots more 12%

Eventually you top out on to the main A54, and that's it for the big climbs on the Cheshire Cat.