Prosecco Cycling Classic

We started at 9am to strains of Nessun Dorma and tickertape explosions.

Crossing the line meant negotiating around the singers and avoiding crashing into the line of Prosecco waiters waving bottles at us.

Then it was out into the early morning mist and soon we were blasting down a long winding stretch with everyone racing.

Pretty soon the first hills hit. Our Italian guide Mauro said "its eat and drink" meaning up hill and down hill all the way!

There were a few flat stretches, and by now the sun was peeking out.

And then I bonked - and simultaneously coasted into the "food stop from heaven" with just 6km to go a group of ex-Alpini (Italian mountain troops) had set up a Prosecco and sopressa food stop - I sat, I ate, I drank - I wobbled off and just got back in time for the pasta party at the local villa.

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