Prosecco route review

A mass start in Valdobbiadene (Val-dobb-ia-den-e) leads immediately to a gentle climb along the high ridge route overlooking vineyards.

Riders zig-zag up the hillside
Soon you take a long drop down through Combai and head into the lumpy wine country and the first notable climb up to Zuel di Qua with its distinctive zig-zag start.  This is part of 5km of climbing, gaining 200m.
This leads to another long drop, and now you have entered the lower vineyards and a series of 6 sharp, short climbs over hillsides covered with vines.
Wine landscape
The last of these is the Cà del Poggio which has bits at 19% and features a Prosecco and seafood cabin halfway up.  Clipping back in on a steep slope after this refreshment can be a challenge.

Shortly after this you start back up the big drop you came down much earlier and then through picturesque Rolle.  Eventually you get back up to 400m via some more 19%.
Strada Bianca
Another welcome long drop takes you into a flat valley and several km of gravel roads.  These can be a bike handling challenge with deep troughs of gravel getting your wheels moving sideways underneath you - fun.

Soon you are back on tarmac and take in a couple of final slopes (second one goes past our trip accommodation) before making it back to Valdobbiadene and through the start gate to finish in the main  square.

The usual pasta party is at a posh villa a little bit further on and has a secure bike park for piece of mind whilst you fill up.

Mon 1st July - STOP PRESS!  Prosecco Cycling have just this morning announced minor changes to the route!  More details to follow once a full analysis has been done.

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