Injury and the Numbers

Strava challenge badge
You are making progress, you are doing more than you’ve ever done and envisaging doing even more.  Bigger events, faster times, less recovery – everything seems to be coming together.

Then your enthusiasm disappears.  And you pick up an injury.  What has happened?

A quick look at the numbers will tell you.

For the last 3 months you’ve been averaging over 700km of riding per month.  This compares to 300km earlier in the year.

And climbing is more dramatic.  Just 2,343m of climbing per month, but now 10,921m average for the last 3 months.

So distance has more than doubled, and climbing has quadrupled in recent months.

It’s a miracle you’re still going at all!  Throttle back, preserve your progress and make sure your injury is properly fixed.