Forest of Dean Classic - observations

Distance = 145km
Elevation - 2767m (actually beats the La Pina long course!)

A few sections riding through the forest 
Surprised that its such a lot of elevation.  A new "in one ride" Personal Best record (the old one was from La Pina last year).  This ride was a real test of my new found climbing legs - and they held up all the way around.

Anyway, a bit on the actual event:
  • Excellent signage - I counted 5 separate signs at one turning.  Particularly liked the "1 km to the feed stop" signs, plus loads of "hazardous descents" and pot hole warnings.
  • First climb feels way too early - barely clipped in before you are on the first climb.
  • Numbering the climbs is great - you start at 18th and count down to 1.
  • Long main road riding section in the middle - which on this Sunday was busy with cars, and not a good experience.  Most of rest of ride was car free.
  • Lots of massive descents at top speeds, including a final welcome speed down to the finish
  • Finishline food provision wasn't up to much - tea/coffee plus biscuits, nice to be able to check out photos of yourself immediately
  • Overall, it felt similar to the "Prosecco Classic" in terms of hills, hills, hills
Food stops were good
Would I do it again?  Yes, probably on the basis that its a good early season test of form (especially hill climbing ability).