New AE 100mile route preview

Preview to the new route - food stops and all 6 big climbs (including Strava links).

Flattish roads to Bucknell then quiet lanes through Chapel Lawn bring you to the first climb just outside Clun (mile 12) - 300ft gained at 7% ave. grade - Strava link 

(You don't need to log into Strava to view the climb details)

Big, fast descent into Clun and then left to follow the valley all the way up to the Anchor.

First food stop is at Kerry (mile 28) then over to Newtown and out. 

Kerry Food Stop

 Look out for an abrupt right turn in Trefeglwys and then the 2nd significant climb of the day - 500ft gained, 10% ave. grade - Strava link - gets you to the 2nd food stop at Staylittle.


Easily missed right turn - mile 43


2nd big climb - mile 46

Staylittle food stop


Big loop of the reservoir including 2 more big climbs - climb 3 is 300ft gained at 13% ave. grade (Strava Link) and climb 4 is 200ft at 6% (Strava Link)


1st serious lakeside climb - mile 54.5

Then take a fast drop to Llanidloes for a tricky right turn, behind the market hall.


Llanidloes turn - go around the market house and then right at the white building

 Further prolonged climbing outside Llanidloes brings you around via a steep descent to Llangurig.  Quiet lanes follow the river then cross it for a short piece of downhill main road and a left turn into a nature reserve for climb 5 - 200ft gained at 1.5% (but steeper bits) - Strava link


Nature reserve climb - mile 73

3rd food stop - mile 76

This brings you out at the 3rd food stop at ---- and then its the return via the Llanbister climb - 6th and final climb - 330ft gained at 9% ave.grade - Strava link - and moorland roads back to Knighton.


Llanbister climb - mile 85.5