Ride Clwyd 65 Medium route preview



We start from a new HQ - just 100ft from the old one, on the same slip road outside the Airbus factory in Broughton.  Lots of car parking is available opposite:

This year we go left out of the slip road (at the traffic lights) and have a great flat ride for the first 5 miles:

Small rises from Hope onwards start to develop into proper hills:


1st food stop comes at mile 18 - it's slightly off route so don't ride past thinking you're getting ahead.  Once you've had food you need to turn back to regain the route:

Next it's around to the Panorama Walk but watch out for the route split:


Here's the split - on the day there'll be lots of signs:


Skirt Llangollen and on to quiet lanes brings you to The Grim - your 2nd really significant challenge of the day - steep and long:

It brings you out, eventually, on to high moors for a remote ride over towards the 3rd and final food stop:

2nd food stop - again off route so remember the go back the way you came.  Fuel up as it's Penbarra next:


Penbarra - biggest challenge on the whole course - very long - make sure to reserve plenty of energy for this one and don't go too hard at the beginning:


After that there's no further challenges.  You'll be mostly on quiet back roads all the way around Mold:


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