Ride Clwyd recon

Lets go 100

Been out reconnoitering a new addition to the Ride Clwyd sportive - a 100 mile route option.  This would come after Denbigh and means riders will get to "enjoy" the full version of the Road to Hell - all 6 miles of it.

Road to Hell starts with a hairpin

80 mile riders will do half the "Road" then turn left and head to Ruthin.  The 100 mile riders will carry on towards the wind farm:

Second half of the "Road"

The top comes with a wide view of the desolate landscape around Lyn Brenig - this is half way around the whole 100 mile route:

Lyn Brenig

There's a long descent after this and then a sharp left turn - the start of coming back.  

The route will divert off this to take in a new climb for Ride Clwyd - Melin-y-Wig.  This is a tough one - just under a mile long and consistently steep for a total of 300ft of gain:

Over the bridge and up the hill - Melin-y-Wig

A very twisty climb on good quality tarmac
After this challenge 100ers will head over towards Ruthin - rejoining the 80 and 70 milers.

Roads were in great condition, hardly any gravel or muck and usually on super-smooth tarmac.

Total climbing is just in excess of 8,000ft so this is a tough one...

Ride Clwyd will open for entries in December.