Autumn Epic - Abbey-cwm-Hir climb

The Abbey climb comes at 47km and is the second proper challenge on the sportive.  It's a long one snaking up the side of Camlo Hill (509m) and usually has a long line of cyclists toiling up it on the day.

A small bridge just before a couple of houses marks the start with a reasonable slope disappearing around the corner and actually easing after 250m.  The climb is going to open out in stages with much of it hidden despite the openness of the landscape.

Another stretch takes you to a second corner 170m further on and from there a much bigger stretch opens up and you can see you're going to be on this hill for sometime.  This is a 500m stretch around to another corner where you start to see much more of the whole remaining climb - you're about halfway and this is where any early enthusiasm may start to wane if you have gone too fast at the start.

There's a tiny dip to give you a moments relief and then it continues on upwards at about 12% for another 700m of the road before easing toward the top.  Total distance is 1,875m (Strava segment is much longer) and you will find yourself back up on the high mid-Wales moorland. 

Next up is the food stop in Rhayader at 55km and then the biggest/longest climb on the event - to the top of the Elan Valley - more next week.

Start at the bridge
Round to the first corner
A big stretch of steep road - but more to come
The top - Rhayader food stop next

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