Col du Glandon/Croix de Fer

Starting from La Chambre this is one of the classic Tour climbs.

It starts inside the town and goes up at an easy 7%  Markers show each of the 20km you are about to climb.

But soon (km17) you get a taste of 9 to 11% before returning to reasonable inclines.
You get flat bits at 1,100m right through St Alban des Villards then pay for it with 10% chunks immediately after.  Then the full high pass opens out, you can see where you have to go which is daunting.

Famous Tour attacks happen in this last section of relentless 9 to 11% slopes.
Once on top you can see the Croix der Fer 2.5km further on. Riding to it is much easier with 5% max and spectacular views.

Cafe notes - Glandon has a bar 200m off the top. Croix de Fer has one right at the top.

Descent off the Croix is tricky - lots of hairpins, some without any guardrails and 3 tunnels.

Special mention to Christope who rode some of the way with me.