Nove Colli - part 5 - the last 5 hills

Following from the previous post here's a description of the rest of the challenges on the Nove Colli.

You get a long descent off Barbotto and then a little hill - Tiffi - with some stiff 17% gradients in the hairpins.

Another long drag up to Perticara building on the back of Tiffi and then you drop before starting the big one - Monte Pugliano.

This is steep to start with - and coming off a lefthand turning climbs immediately.  It then "levels" off to 5 - 8% but goes on forever (or 10km).  You climb towards a village called Maiolo for ages and then face loads more after that.

The 8th hill isn't much - and you'll be glad for that.  But the final hill, Gorolo is tough - not least because you have jelly for leg muscles by now.  Not quite as steep as they claim (17% but more like 14 on my Garmin).

And that's you lot - you've done the Nove Colli and can race home for a sprint finish - finishline photos to follow.